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Nice to meet you!


この度、ついにLazy Dot Maniaのwebsiteを立ち上げました!

Lazy Dot Maniaは、もはやワタクシ個人の頭の中でのみ存在しているのではなく、




It’s longtime since I’m crazy about dot-patterns.

I have finally started this website today.  Youpi!

I realized that Lazy Dot Mania no longer exists only in my head, is not just a transparent imagination anymore, but people like a neighbor or someone lives in the other side of the world may find and see our website.
And maybe would like our plenty of dot world?

This is a very important first step which connect to the real huge world.

So, let’s say… hi to the world!

Hope you’ll have fun with us about such an amazing and colorful life with dots.

Thank you!

2017/02/04 LDM

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